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Z3X Box Activations

Z3X LG Activation
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Model: Z3X LG Activation
Z3X LG Activation - software product which enables your Z3X-Box working with the latest LG handsets: repair, unfreeze, unlock, flashing and repair IMEI, NVM, camera, network etc. Advantages Qualcomm, Infineon, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, MTK and SEMC platforms are supported.Alphabetic..
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Z3X Samsung PRO Activation
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Model: Z3X Samsung PRO Activation
Z3X Samsung PRO Activation (sams_upd) Please provide us with your Z3X serial number (XXXXXXXX 8 characters) while placing an order. Serial number of your Z3X box could be found using Z3X Shell software As soon as activation will be added, you will receive a notification. ..
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Ex Tax:$60.00
Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro Activation (sams_upd)
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Model: Z3X Upgrade to Samsung Pro
Z3X Features Exclusive solution for reading codes from new Qualcomm based phones *New settings lookOdin flasher protocol updated Procedure Connect the phone to PC via USB cable (no root required)Enable ADB modePress “Read codes”Enter account username and password sent to get ordered cre..
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